The Power of Red Lipstick

The year was 1992.
In ’92-
Marky Mark Wahlberg was a well known heart throb.

In all his 90's glory <3

I however was only  7 years old .Not at ALL thinking about boys.
What was seven year old Angie thinking about, you ask? Well, when I wasn’t outside, riding my bike, climbing a tree or Begging my mom for a puppy, or an Oreo whatever she was willing to give up first… I was most likely ….
– Watching Aladdin ( Aladdin was THE prince charming of that year)


– Watching Rugrats (I always wondered why Angelica was SO rotten…)
-Trying to figure out why my mother wouldn’t allow me to watch The Ren & Stimpy Show
…( At 26, I get it now. )
My mother was a GREAT woman. An even BETTER mother. She cooked , she cleaned She was protective and caring, nurturing and playful and  she always looked pretty. I was proudest when she coordinated our outfits to match, my favorite were these blue and white jean shorts , a white T-shirt and these imitation converse sneakers I had that had Mickey mouse on the sides.  At seven years old , anything she included me in felt so awesome. Even something as small as the clothes we wore. Looking at us, Me looking like a mini version of her, everyone knew she was mine, that I belonged to her.
Ill never forget sitting on the bed  at my Aunt s apartment in NYC, as my mom got all dolled up for a night out on the town with my aunts, her sister in laws. They were going to see Marc Anthony Sing at a night club and the men were staying home to take care of us kids.  She had this Black lace dress, a mini dress. it was long lace sleeved, she wore this dress with her long brown wild curly hair falling around her shoulders,  and High Heeled RED pumps, that matched PERFECTLY with her RED LIPSTICK.
There in started my curiosity.
That Red Lipstick pulled the whole look together.
She looked beautiful. Cool, like a rock star.
I couldn’t wait for the day I could smooth that red lipstick across my lips, make a pouty face in the mirror and blot on a tissue, and see the perfect shape of my lips against the soft white square.
To see her walk out of the bedroom and seeing the look across my dads face.  Back then I didn’t understand what that look meant. I didn’t know the power she had over my dad or any other man that side of New York at that very moment.
 I just knew that someday it would be my turn….

With the Power of the perfect shade of red lipstick comes GREAT responsibility.
After you have found the right shade for your skin tone…
*Please note: Not everyone can pull off candy apple red. Not everyone is Gwen Stefani.
If i’m going to be outdoors or Its earlier in the day, I like to use a softer red, something
sheer like a light gloss.
My FAVORITE is Loreal Paris HIP Jelly Balm in “Delectable”.
I have it in my bag right now and love love love it. Its smooth and not sticky, give a GREAT shine and look great. 9.00! Not bad at all for a great pout!
Imnotevengonnalietho- It doesn’t smell or TASTE like delectable strawberries but hey- we’re not exactly taking a spoon to our lip glosses are we? ARE WE?
However at night I love to go BOLD.


I LOVE doing red lips and keeping my eyes simpler, keeping the focus on those amazing red lips. A smooth liquid liner, VERY black, GLAM black, and maybe a little shimmer in the inside corners of my eyes, to brighten and open those beautiful peepers up ,  a little bit of blush on the apples of my cheeks and VOILA!

Now its time to go out on the town and show the world what you’re made of. Knock em dead, break a leg … maybe a few hearts… it never hurts to let your lipstick do the flirting.

Be confident in your red lipstick.

There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman.  




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