Bronzers and Blushes and Dupes, OH MY!

Ok so, I have a little haul to review / discuss. Seriously, open for discussion if you have any of these products or any questions, please I encourage you to comment and give your two cents!
I went on the hunt for dupes to high end products… well lets face it, high end products that not everyone can afford on a regular basis!
After doing a little research from home, I decided to try a couple.
Let me say, I am IN LOVE with my drugstore products.
Let’s start with Luminoso by Milani
Super Pigmented.
Super Pretty.
Velvety soft.
I love it.
The color is beautiful on so many different skin tones.
Its such a good buy.
HOWEVER. It wasn’t easy to find. I got mine on sale at target, it was THE LAST ONE.
Do you know what that feels like? You walk into this store, on the hunt for a specific brand and color… you’re looking around… distracted by all the other makeup in sight and BOOM. You see it. All by itself on a shelf with a huge red sale sticker on it. YES! I must have looked a little crazy, bouncing over to it holding it like a brand new little nugget of gold. NARS-Blush-Orgasm-1
Brought it home and compared it with a friends Nars Orgasm blush.
Obviously it wasnt 100%EXACTLY the same, but it was SO CLOSE that you couldnt really see a difference on the skin.
Best part is, it cost me less than 5 dollars. Mmhm.
ELF’s Duo Blush bronzer in St. Lucia.
Another Nars Dupe(Laguna)
Another huge success.
Love love love this bronzer blush duo.
Im SO happy with it. Its so pigmented, For contouring its my new go-to. elf-contouring-blush-and-bronzing-powder-nars-laguna
Next up, I swung through Sephora while i was at JCP, and found Loracs Tantalizing Bronzer. images
I use it more as a highlighter, and sparingly. Its extremely pigmented and a teeeeeeeeeny bit goes SUCH a long way. When the girl at Sephora tried it on me, i ended up in the car with a napkin trying to take some of it off because i looked like i was out in the sun baking for hours. (She went a little brush happy on my face…)

SO. If you have any drugstore brands that you love and swear buy, Fill me in! Id love to try them!

Stay Beautiful, Sirenas!





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