Insta support! BeautySuccess90/ Makeup_Shoutouz

There is something to be said about support from fellow creatives in a competitive field.

Going from a preschool teacher to a MUA / Esthetician hasn’t been an easy transition. Unfortunately, my love and passion for skin and all things glam is just not enough to make me a successful Glam Professional.

I have to PUSH myself.

Push myself on social media, push myself as an artist, and push myself creatively. Try any and EVERYTHING out there. In all this i forgot about building a following, honestly didn’t give it much thought until sometime  last year, (Being in the biz for the past three years id say it was a late start!)

I put myself on Instagram, initially it was a personal account but it very QUICKLY turned into an account about all things glam. Skincare, Makeup, Creativity, Classic beauties and icons. Everything from Hairstyles, to accessories. Literally ALL THINGS GLAM!

Attaining Followers… *Sigh* It doesn’t happen overnight.

I see these teens…TWEENS out there who have 20,000+ Followers and i think  to myself… what the… how the… UUUGHHH. Here i am, working on looks, practicing practically every day, working on my craft and I JUST hit 300 followers… I am SO thankful for my followers.  Every time I get a new one I do a little dance.

I see these ladies who are just Incredible with a brush. I secretly wonder, how did they do it? One of these in particular really showed me the support I needed to keep pushing. To keep practicing. That I’m not invisible in this wild world. I. am not. Invisible!

I will continue to work hard. I will continue to push.

BeautySuccess90/ Makeup_Shoutouz, Thank you! You inspire me. 🙂

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