A Review Covered in LIPSTICK!

¬†Rimmel’s Kate Lipstick in #12

I hear its a pretty good dupe to MAC’s Scarlett Ibis!

I don’t own any MAC lippie’s just yet so I cant compare, but I CAN review this one.

I just got it and I LOVE IT.

So pigmented, Beautiful color, smells great. I love it. Its a great shade for summer and its only 5 bucks!

I mean really… you cant beat that.


Revlon’s Berry Haute;

 Another dupe of MACS Up The Amp.

LOOOOOOVE this color.

I cant get enough of it.

I literally have worn it every day since I bought it.

This morning, without a stitch of makeup on, I’m walking around with this adorable Berry Haute Pout because I just could’nt help myself.

So easy, So gorgeous. I cant rave enough about it.


Another 5 dollar lippie , I mean really I have a hard time spending 15+ Dollars on high end lippie’s when there are these beauties hiding out in the local walgreens/cvs/target.

I’m actually contemplating buying another tube because… why not?

What if Revlon gets crazy and discontinues it?

I’ll die.



Wet and Wild’s 511B Nouveau Pink
Another great find. I mean Your local drug store can be a MECCA OF Awesome lippies if you’re open to it. This lippie is SURPRISINGLY Pigmented in a beautiful shade of Pink.
Dear Pink Lovers,
If you do not have this lippie, you might have to re evaluate how much you think you love the color pink.
This Lipstick was NINETY NINE CENTS. Yes, you read that right. not even a full dollar.
I mean really.

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Next up! 
Bronzers and Blushes! 
Stay tuned!
kiss mark_full




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