I  love working with brides.
Of course, I say that now.
I have yet to come across a maniac-psycho-bride.
Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of applying makeup on a bride who doesn’t wear makeup often. It was the first time she SAT all day and after all the stresses that wedding planning brings it was the first time she got to let go and just SIT. Relax and really get to think about the day and what shes about to do.
I didn’t just do her makeup, I gave her a moment to reflect and breathe.
As I explained every step and directed her in which ay she should look or tilt her head, She just sat and soaked it in. You could see her transform before your very eyes.
It was a beautiful time.
To be able to listen to memories of her child/teen/single -hood from her bridesmaids. I really felt a part of her very special day. When it was all finished she got to look herself in the mirror. Smiling and “ooh”ing I felt my mission accomplished.
To make a bride feel like her best self on one of the most important days of her life.



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